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Where have we come from
Scouting has changed over the last decade. We changed the way we look and do things. We became smarter at how we deliver Scouting through better support for volunteers, and enabling people to volunteer flexibly.
As a result, Scouting today is growing. We are more diverse with more communities turning to Scouting for opportunities, activities and expertise.  Young people are now taking a greater role in decision-making locally and nationally. They have become the face and voice of Scouting, and our Young Leaders are helping to deliver great programmes.
Our campaigning work has shown that we are relevant and engaged in issues affecting today’s society. We’re more sound and focused as an organisation, with a clearer idea of who we are – delivering everyday adventure. We’ve improved the way we make decisions, as well as our centres and facilities. But all of these achievements didn’t happen by chance. Our Members took responsibility for bringing about the changes we all knew were necessary.

Over the past two years, we have been thinking about what the next decade of Scouting might look like, what the new challenges will be and how we can work together as a Movement to meet them. As a result of this work, we have developed a new vision for the future, taking us to 2023.

What we want to be and where we want to go

Scouting in 2023 will:


By 2023 we will have:


By 2023:

Youth Shaped

By 2023:

Community Impact

By 2023:

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