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Greater Manchester North Scout County

Parent Guides
On this page and the menu items, you can view and download guides for new parents on each of the sections

Parents Guide for new young people

The Parent’s Guides are designed to give parents a brief introduction to the section, explain the types of activities young people take part in and highlight the skills young people will gain.

Parents Guide to Beavers

Parents Guide to Cubs

Parents Guide to Scouts

Parents Guide to Explorers

Parents Guide for Staying safe

The STAY SAFE leaflets contain information for young people about how to stay safe online and in the real world, and how to report something that makes them feel worried, scared or upset.

Beavers Stay Safe

Cubs Stay Safe

Scouts Stay Safe

Explorers Stay Safe

Uniform Information

Young people wear core uniform of a coloured sweatshirt or shirt depending on the age range. They will also wear a special group scarf, called a Necker. Uniform can either be bought from Scout Shops Ltd or a local supplier. We also have a County shop in Middleton - more information can be found here. You can ask the adult volunteers in your child's Group for more information on where to buy.

The links below show you where your badges should go on each of the section’s uniform.





The Promise and Law


The Promise

There are a number of variations of the Promise to reflect the range of faiths, beliefs and attitudes of individuals within Scouting. We believe that this approach is inclusive. Celebrating and understanding difference, including difference in faiths and beliefs, is an important aspect of the educational and developmental side of Scouting.

Feel free to download the posters shown below and us them at home.



    Scouts, Explorers and Adults


The Cub Scout Law

    Cub Scouts always do their best,

    think of others before themselves

    and do a good turn every day.


The Scout Law

    A Scout is to be trusted.

    A Scout is loyal.

    A Scout is friendly and considerate.

    A Scout belongs to the worldwide family of Scouts.

    A Scout has courage in all difficulties.

    A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property.

    A Scout has self-respect and respect for others.


The Scouts Motto

    Be Prepared

Scouting costs
Scouting is an affordable way of providing a range of exciting and adventurous activities for your child.

In a 2010 survey, 75% of parents said Scouting provided the best value for money compared to other extra-curricular activities like sports and martial arts groups, youth clubs and drama or music classes.

The cost of sending your child to Scouting varies depending on the group but is generally around £3-4 per week, normally paid monthly for 12 months (but different groups may have other arrangements). This fee covers regular weekly activities and meetings,
the insurance for our scouting activities, hire of the building and a membership fee we pay to our local and national headquarters which helps to cover  the cost of all the training, all the software and the other buildings we use in the area.

In addition, the parents and leaders are expected to purchase the uniform for their children and pay for external activities, such as activities at our camp sites and visits where charges are involved. We will try and subsidise this as much as possible.

All our volunteers are doing this for free. They see the benefits for the young people and the positive effect it has on the community.

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