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Greater Manchester North Scout County


We have a fantastic team of trainers led by our DCC Training, Rob (Paddy) Partington. We offer courses to our County members for Wood Badge, First Aid, Young Leader and many others. We also show links to the online training available from TSA.

Click on the link here - or the button - to access the training site and book on the courses.



“I am very used to doing this sort of mandatory training as I am required to complete it both for work and other reasons- so for me, accessing / completing the training was straightforward. I apologise for not having done it before. I don't regularly attend section nights or lead events other than as invited by / agreed with the section leaders so hadn't necessarily classed myself as a scout leader and someone who needed to complete the training. I am however more than happy to do it and to keep it up to date going forward.

I think that you are absolutely right to take a strong line with regards to safeguarding and safety training - if we value our young people and their well-being then we should all be more than motivated to do the required training to ensure that we can keep them safe and help and support them should the need arise.  And I agree completely with your comment about parents.  As a parent of children who were a part of scouting for over 10 years, I fully expected and assumed that all leaders were fully trained and were continually refreshing their training - no matter how much they knew or thought they knew!


With huge thanks and prayers for all you are doing to keep our children and young people safe”.