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Greater Manchester North Scouts have a dedicated team of volunteers who provide climbing activities not only for our county members but also for members out of county when requested.

We have an activity programme, which starts with the climbing permit course for leaders and explorers, and then there are four dates in May and June for scouts and explorers to try climbing on rock along with a leader-training course for climbing on rock then in September, we run a climbing badge course for scouts and explorers.

Our team members give their time on county events and scouting events both in and out of county from providing training for leaders to gain the climbing permit to running climbing sessions.

County provide equipment not only for climbing but also winter terrain 1- 2 training run by our colleagues from Greater Manchester East.  

For a list of climbing courses, please see below. To contact the County Climbing lead, click here

To reserve climbing equipment, click here and follow the instruction on the left. A notification will go to Chris Lucas and you will be emailed when your reservation is confirmed.
September- start of Scouts and Explorer Scouts climbing badge course.

Fee £10 (Max 20 places to be booked by 23rd Aug) see note#

5th Sept. Theory night and registration at Middleton HQ 7.00pm till 9.00pm.
8th Sept. Climbing on rock outdoors, 10am start approx 3.30 finish.
15th Sept. If bad weather cancelled first date.
22nd Sept. If bad weather cancelled 1st and 2nd dates.

#All scouts and explorers must have read and learned the badge requirements and attended one of the Have a go dates.

*As climbing outdoors is dependent on fine weather the permit course may continue indoors at prearranged walls, any entrance fees will be extra.

County climbing equipment is available for hire.

To book on any of the above courses, please click here to contact Chris Lucas with your details.